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• Obsessed by cars at the age of 5, Alex became attracted to the piano as he could pretend that the pedals were an accelerator and a clutch. His parents mistook this for a precocious interest in music so sent him for piano lessons. At the age of 9, having heard Chopin's Grande Valse Brillante on a Commodore 64 computer game, he transcribed the piece from a tape and played it in a school assembly as his first public performance.

• Alex was admitted to the Royal College of Music in 1995 to study piano with Raymond Fischer and composition with William Mival

• Alex subsequently received a Nelly Ben-Or Foundation Scholarship to study the application of Alexander Technique to piano playing. He started to perform around Europe as a soloist, chamber musician and with ensembles including London Symphony Orchestra and London Sinfonietta at venues such as King's Place, LSO St Luke's, St. James' Palace. He also appeared on BBC2's The Culture Show.

• Alongside his classical performing career, Alex is equally passionate about composition, arrangement and songwriting. His songwriting partnership with Robbie Moore has received airplay on BBC radio 2 and 6 and was described by The Sun as British Songwriting at it's best in a four star review. Composition clients include Sony Erikkson, UVA, Gucci, Givenchy.

* Alex released his debut solo piano CD Four Ogives, in 2014 (a collection of works by Erik Satie). This was followed by an LP of his songs Asleep at the wheel, and the CD, House of Holes (an experimental collaboration with Kevin Tomkins from Whitehouse / SJ)

• In 2018, Alex formed Amusia Productions with film maker Keith Lovegrove and writer / director Sarah Miles to explore theatrical and multimedia piano performances. Their first production, Memoires d'un Amnésique is a combination of a play, film and piano recital and enjoyed a sell-out premier at The Stables Theatre as part of the Hastings Fringe and has been touring since. Here is a selection of reviews:

"a fabulously well-crafted work of cinematic excellence as well as being a masterly piano recital" - The Greater Manchester Reviewer

"so good, you could taste the absinthe" -Hannah Kate, Norht North Manchester FM

***** - Rogha Bhríde Radio Show, Galway

The follow up, Who Killed Cornelius Cardew? enjoyed positive reviews for its premier, and is now being further developed for touring in 2021.


In 2019, Alex succeeded Arthur Boyd as chairman of CODA music society, which has staged over 250 recitals in its 35 year existence and helped launch the careers of many world renowned musicians.

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