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Composing and Arranging


Alex studied composition with William Mival at the Royal College of Music.


He has written incidental music and soundscapes for various theatrical productions and short films. His songs have been played on BBC Radio 2 and 6 amongst others, and been described as "British songwriting at its best" by The Sun.


Set the Thames on Fire (2016)

(String Arrangements / Piano)


Feature film starring Noel Fielding and Sally Phillips

Punctuation (2015)

(Soundtrack composer)

Won 3 Platinum Remi awards at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival including Best Corporate Communications and Best Public Health Film

Full film here:


Still Life (2013)

(Soundtrack composer)




Online game to promote film and Sony Eriksson mobile phone tie-in.

(Composer / arranger)


Dunhill Menswear Winter ’15 collection





Interactive Christmas Card


interactive christmas card for post- production company DISQO to send to their clients as a representation of their capabilities for producing interactive multimedia web shit.The idea was that you could adjust the various dials to create a cheaper or more expensive christmas scene, in keeping with the ‘credit-crunch’ buzzword of the time.



The Trench

(Incidental music / String Arrangements)




Alice’s Adventures Underground

Wrote string quartets and arrangements for the Olivier Award nominated show at The Vaults under Waterloo Arches. Mock Turtle's Lament is now available on iTunes




Alexander Wolfe

'Morning brings a flood', 'Skeletons' and 'From the Shallows' (LPs)

(String / Horn arranger)


Rob Marr ‘Anatomy’

(String arrangmer)




The Trench

(Incidental music / String Arrangements).




Click to hear more of Alex's work with The Mores


L.A. Salami’s EP ‘The Prelude’

String arrangment




The Mores

(Co-writer / performer)

Received airplay on BBC2 and BBC6 on the Tom Robinson and Radcliffe and Maconie shows. Reviewed in The Sun as “British Songwriting at its best” (4 stars)




Ginger and Black

Was commissioned to write some pastiche English period drama music for this short film, starring ‘comedy’ duo Ginger and Black




The Nadir (NSFW)

Opening / closing title music composer.




Live soundtrack to 'Berlin'

(Co-composer / performer)

Commission for Unfilm Festival curated by RL Wilson.




Stuck under September

Alexander Wolfe

(String arranger)


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