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Alex is available for recording sessions and live performances. He regularly works for major record labels such as Sony and Universal.


Alex has a collection of vintage keyboards and synthesisers which he can provide for sessions. These include : Fender Rhodes 73, Wurltizer EP200a, Hammond ‘Sounder’ organ, Busillachio chord organ, Korg MS-20, Moog Taurus I, Moog Etherwave theremin, Casio CZ-100, Commodore 64/MSSIAH 8-bit synth, Suzuki Omnichord.


He can also record remotely from his own studio if your project is compatible with Pro Tools or Logic



Performance of Gymnopedie No.1

Suzuki Omnichord, Moog Taurus, Commodore 64

Recorded at Tudeley Church




Alexander Wolfe

'Live from Dean Street'

Piano, synths


Laika, from the LP "Throat Specific Mixture" by Vronsky



The Naming of Things

'Waiting for the guillotine to fall'




Willy Moon 'Murder Ballad'

from ‘Here’s Willy Moon' (Piano, Marxophone)



The Naming of Things 'Nothing left here but the bones' EP





Vronsky 'Vronsky’s Throat Specific Mixture'


Vronsky "Time Of Letting Go"

Keyboards, Guitar FX, Horn Arrangements


Regular guest and performer on the Foundry Late Breakfast Show and Glass Shrimp Sessions

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